Contoso Shuttle



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Ref Status Escalation Title Assigned To Time Open
A014101 Assigned Level 1
Justin Thorp 5 Days
A014102 Closed Level 2
Ballard Always Late
Brian Smith Closed
A014103 Open Level 1
Contoso Shuttles is the worst EVER!!!
Justin Thorp 4 Days
A014104 Assigned Level 1
Uses too much data - the images on the destination schedules are all full size
Justin Thorp 5 Days
A014105 Assigned Level 2
Brian Smith 5 Days
A014106 Assigned Level 1
Issues with service
Joseph Krawczak 4 Days
A014107 Assigned Level 1
Tacoma route
Joseph Krawczak 5 Days
A014108 Assigned Level 2
Kirkland's a No-Show
Brian Smith 5 Days
A014109 Assigned Level 1
Awesome service
Brian Smith 4 Days